Car diagnostics and maintenance

We check your tyres, various car fluid levels, belts, lights, wipers, battery operation and much more. Our goal is to help you maintain your car in great condition. Therefore, our car mechanics will not only execute what is included in the agreed list, but will also pay attention to all the details that may be important and affect comfortable and safe driving, so it can then be decided together with the car owner, how to organise further service activities in the most convenient way.

Through regular maintenance you take care of your driving safety and maintain the value of your car.

Car diagnostics is actually not so inexpensive – usually we make it upon the car repair by inspecting all car units to control the condition of the car. As with during an annual inspection of a person at the doctor, we will check your car, and diagnostics will take no longer than one hour. It only costs 10 euros, and if the maintenance is performed by us, the diagnostics will be included in the price!

Types of car diagnostics:

  • Suspension and braking system diagnostics,
  • Electrical equipment / control unit diagnostics,
  • Body diagnostics,
  • Conditioner diagnostics,
  • Engine diagnostics,
  • Full car diagnostics prior to purchase.

Depending on the results of diagnostics, we perform car maintenance and the necessary repairs:

  • Auto alignment adjustment,
  • Wheel alignment / incline adjustment,
  • Brake repairs,
  • Front and rear brake pad replacement,
  • Brake disc change,
  • Front and rear shock absorber replacement,
  • Steering system repair,
  • Steering pin and steering rod replacement,
  • Wheel bearing replacement,
  • Bridge axle bearings and their replacement,
  • Shaft replacement,
  • Ball joint replacement,
  • Headlight beam adjustment / Lamp replacement,
  • Suspension axle bearing and brace replacement,
  • etc.

ROUTINE maintenance:

(starting from 55 EUR + VAT):

  • Engine oil,
  • Oil filter,
  • Air filter,
  • Cockpit filter,
  • Fuel filter.

Routine maintenance should be carried out at the following intervals:

  • Engine oil change every 15,000 km,
  • Brake fluid change every 2 years,
  • DSG automatic gearbox oil change every 60,000 km,
  • Haldex – 4Motion all-wheel drive oil change every 2 years,
  • Spark plug replacement advisable at around 90,000-150,000 km.

Car preparation for technical inspection:

(starting from 20 EUR + VAT):

  • Running gear diagnostics,
  • Computer diagnostics.

For corporate customers we offer to develop a special model of cooperation for servicing and maintenance of your fleet.