About us

The principal business of Autorepublika.lv is selling used cars. All cars in our offer are specially selected and tested, which provides assurance of the adequate technical condition of the car.

Each one of us has individual habits and we all spend a different amount of time in our cars. Therefore, each of us also has different requirements for car warranty coverage. Autorepublika offers warranty solutions that meet all your needs to the maximum extent. Since 10 February 2014, Autorepublika provides used cars with a 6-month warranty! You get comprehensive coverage and peace of mind regarding unexpected repair costs for all major vehicle components.

When buying a car from our company, your additional benefits will include:

  • A car with a warranty,
  • A car with approved service history,
  • A car with the original mileage,
  • A car with equipment set printout,
  • A car with registration in the RTSD and technical inspection included in the price,
  • A price relevant to the quality of the car,

To make sure of the quality of the car, before purchase and upon contacting the sales consultant, all cars can be inspected in the premises of Autorepublika at Sporta iela 15, Riga (3rd floor), and a test drive may be taken.

The main task of the Autorepublika team is to find out the needs of the customer and to offer a car that meets your request visually, technically and in terms of price, as well as that will serve well for the coming years. Our motto is to offer a car that we would be willing to drive ourselves in the same given situation.

If our current offer does not include the exact car that you intend to buy, we will be happy to hear about your wishes and we will find a car meeting your technical requirements. New cars are delivered to Autorepublika every other week.

If your car purchase requires additional funding, our colleagues will help you to arrange for a lease on suitable funding repayment terms and conditions.