Car air conditioner refilling, maintenance and repair

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When the car air conditioning system breaks down and there is a leakage of coolant, it causes damage not only to the environment, but to your car as well. Leak of liquid may damage expensive components such as the compressor. Eliminating the car air conditioning malfunction after the first sign of a problem will save both money and time.

Climate system inspection and repair is carried out by certified technicians who have completed special training. Your car is in good hands with these experts, they will check the climate system of your car and eliminate the damage, if any has occurred.

General climate system diagnostics:

(from 20 EUR + VAT)

  • Conditioner electronics system testing,
  • Compressor performance testing,
  • Determining pressure in the system,
  • Freon quantity measurements,
  • System vacuum test,
  • Fan performance testing.

Maintenance and repair:

(from 15 EUR + VAT)

  • Conditioner compressor repair,
  • System leak search and pipe repair,
  • Antibacterial treatment (removal of unpleasant odors),
  • System refill.